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Visiting the shop this Summer...

Despite Covid restrictions being lifted on Monday 19th July we have made the decision that you will still be required to wear a face covering while visting David's for the time being. While the Government say you do not have to do so, we have decided, after careful consideration, that if you want to come and see us you will have to wear a mask.

Many of our staff have only had one vaccine and are primarily in the age group at most risk. Whilst Covid cases remain high and rising in this area we feel that this is the correct decision. We also ask that you continue to use the hand sanitiser provided and give staff and other shoppers space.

If our ability to come in to the shop and serve, manage the online orders and ship them out became at all compromised we would have further and more difficult decisions to make.

It is great that we are open 7 days a week again and we want to keep it that way without any further interruptions. You are all used to wearing face masks inside now so hopefully it isn't too much to ask to keep us all safe for a bit longer. We will continue to watch the figures over the coming weeks and will make any changes to this policy only when we feel it is safe to do so.

Thank you all for your understanding.