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English Teacher - Polyawkward 12" EP (Re-press)

English Teacher - Polyawkward 12" EP (Re-press)

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Due for reissue 19th July 2024 via Nice Swan Records

12" Black vinyl EP

English Teacher are a British musical group from Leeds, who formed in 2020. They consist of vocalist Lily Fontaine, guitarist Lewis Whiting, drummer Douglas Frost, and bassist Nicholas Eden. The band appeared on Later... with Jools Holland in November 2023 Their song "Nearly Daffodils" was named one of the 10 best songs of 2023 by Time magazine. The band's debut album 'This Could Be Texas' is set to debut in the Top 10 of the UK Charts.

The band's first extended play, Polyawkward, was released 22 April 2022 through Nice Swan Records. It was listed in NME's 100 debut EPs, with the magazine describing it as a "playful yet polished" release that "sees fury and fun overlap".

1. Polyawkward
2. Good Grief
3. Mental Maths
4. Yorkshire Tapas
5. A55