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Faten Kanaan - A Mythology of Circles Dinked Edition No.

Faten Kanaan - A Mythology of Circles Dinked Edition No.

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Released 13th November via Fire Records / Cargo Distribution

* Red & White “Inkspot” vinyl
* Bespoke hand-numbered “Moon Phase” calendar
* Spot gloss sleeve
* Download code
* LTD edition of 300

‘A Mythology of Circles’ is the new album from Brooklyn-based
composer and musical artist Faten Kanaan, her first to be released on
Fire Records. Cyclical patterns and 'variation through repetition' are
central to Faten’s music. Harmony and counterpoint are composed
intuitively and treated as narrative tools- with sound, silence, and the
resulting mystical relationship between notes used as gestures to tell a
wordless story. The album is separated into a ‘dusk to evening’ side,
and an ‘underworld/dream-state’ side; highlighting the myths of Ishtar,
Inanna, Orpheus, Persephone, and others.

“Strangely haunting yet beautiful bouquet of nocturnal,
electronic blooms ranging from poignant ambient
vignettes to chamber-like pop, from Brooklyn’s Faten
Kanaan- a gifted musical story-teller” Boomkat

For fans of Mary Lattimore,  Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Ian William Craig, Sarah Davachi.