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Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight (2022 LP Reissue)

Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight (2022 LP Reissue)

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Due for release 18th February 2022 via Fat Cat

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An unconventional three-piece with a defined personality, and a gift for being able to nail a near perfect pop song, Frightened Rabbit convey candid tales of ordinary folk with a wry, acerbic wit via an eloquent, emotive, modern garage-pop aesthetic. Recorded by Peter Katis (Mercury Rev, Interpol) over the space of two weeks, and mixed over the ensuing fortnight, Midnight Organ Fight was conceived and realised in a much shorter time span than its predecessor, with the intention of creating a more coherent, 'pop' sounding album.

Side A

  1. The Modern Leper
  2. I Feel Better
  3. Good Arms vs Bad Arms
  4. Fast Blood
  5. Old OId Fashioned
  6. The Twist

Side B

  1. Bright Pink Bookmark
  2. Head Rolls Off
  3. My Backwards Walk
  4. Keep Yourself Warm
  5. Extrasupervery
  6. Poke
  7. Floating in the Forth
  8. Who’d You Kill Now?