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Pip Blom - Welcome Break
Pip Blom - Welcome Break
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Pip Blom - Welcome Break

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Due for release 21st February via Heavenly Recordings / PIAS

**Apologies for the delay, vinyl editions now due for release 22nd April - this release has run into some manufacturing delays, sorry for the wait!**

Dinked Edition features : 

- Blue vinyl
- Alternative sleeve colourway 
- Die-cut sleeve 
- Photo print 
- Sticker sheet
- Numbered /1000 only!
- Gold foil Dinked sticker

Also available to pre-order on CD / Std LP

There are approximately a great deal and very many ‘Welcome Breaks’  scattered throughout the sprawling motorways of the UK.  

Now, regardless of whether that statement’s true or not… when life’s  become a series of long-stretches and welcomed breaks, it’s to no avail  that sometimes all it takes to alleviate spirits is the simplest, of experiential  indulgences. 

Be it the buzz of an overly exhausted tour van, or the green light and smell  of sausage rolls in the near Beaconsfield distance... inspiration can be  found in the funniest corners of this place we call home; and it’s in the heart  of day-to-day simplicities and sprawling services, that we gladly receive  Amsterdam’s beamy-grinned, indie-pop powerhouse Pip Blom, back into  lives. 

Following an extensive touring schedule which saw the Dutch 4-piece roam  over field, oceans, and Glastonbury’s John Peel stage following the release  of their debut record ‘Boat’, any such cool-cat would be forgiven for wanting  to kick back, and indulge in some very appreciated, time off.  

As is often the way, such timely-abandon cannot be said for Pip Blom  however, who immediately began to gather up all her soaked-up  inspirations taken from the road, and manifest a re-energised sense of self,  and ritualistic songwriting.  

Cosying down in a room of her parents’ house (which she shares with her  brother and fellow bandmate Tender Blom), Pip, a self-confessed “fan of  deadlines”, set aside three months to write twenty songs- sixteen of which were to become demos for the band to structure and flesh out, once in the  studio together.  

It’s at this stage in our indie-fairy-tale that things start to get ever so 2020.  Whilst the world was suddenly put on hold as a result of Covid-19, Pip  Blom, who’d made plans to return to their favourite ‘Big Jelly Studios’ in  Ramsgate, England, were suddenly faced with a very sticky, kind of  dilemma. “We’d scheduled to go into the studio in September but summer  started moving and there were a couple of countries not allowed to go to  the UK anymore... a week before we had to go, the Netherlands was one of  those countries”- notes Pip. 

Sentimentalities, and pre-established friendships (by way of Grammy  award-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds) took president, and the decision  was made to pack up their gear and a variety of board games and exercise  equipment, all in preparation of a fourteen-day quarantine faced upon arrival in the UK.  

In total, three weeks were spent recording what would become the groups  sophomore release; a Al Harle engineered love-affair which was self produced entirely by the band and culminated in a legally intimate, fully seated album play-back, to six, of Ramsgate’s most chorus-savvy and ‘in the-know’ residents.  

Getting out of their hometown and into an environment which removed all  notions of “normality” or personal space, was an atmospheric godsend in  terms of motivation; an act which encouraged Pip Blom to re-adjust and  buckle down as a unit again, after spending so long in mandatory isolation.  

Much like the danceable-realism of Pip’s beloved Parquet Courts, the key  to an album well done, is the balancing act of fine-production, and  capturing that core live-essence we all miss. “We always play one live track  three times and after we then build that track in the studio” says Pip,  assembling together amalgamated “live-energies” in order to produce a capsule of environmental-satisfaction, that can be appreciated during any  time of day, or life’s little moments. 

Actively seeking out moments of creative-authenticity, be it via a slightly out-of-tune guitar or proudly-fuzzed vocals, Pip Blom take us back full circle  and introduce us to their ‘Welcome Break’- an eleven-track release which  resonates with about as much decisive allure as it’s ‘Boat’ precursor, but  this time with a bit more contemporary chaos to boot.  

Where ‘Boat’ reckoned as a fresh-faced, yet gloriously fearless game changer, ‘Welcome Break’ is the self-assured older sibling who, with an  additional year or two behind themselves, isn’t afraid to speak out, take  lead, and instigate a liberated revolution-come-bliss-out. 

Lead single’s ‘Keep It Together’ and ‘You Don’t Want This’ are glistening  masterclasses in feel-good chorus- the very kind of coming-of-age  relatability where a soul would want to let down their hair, stick their arm  out the window of their best friends car and roll with the motions in a  rapture of soundtracked euphoria, and jangled adventure.  

Unhinging genre in our instant-access era of musical snoot, no-one does  an enthused-chorus quite like Pip Blom yet much can be said for this gang  being far from one-trick-ponies.  

Anthemic drifters ‘Different Tune’ and ‘It Should Have Been Fun’ are slow building, amplified highlights. Carrying all the weight of convicted  fearlessness on their shoulders, Pip Blom unhinge pre-disposed  expectations of crafted alternative like graduates straight outta Kim Deal’s  school of rock, whilst closing number ‘Trouble In Paradise’, sets the tone  for what will only be the ultimate, set-list once gigs resume again . 

With Pip Blom, no mood is untouched nor sense of renewal left behind. The  trick to it all? As Pip reveals: “I just really like catchy songs and I feel like  that’s something we try to do. I’d classify it as being sentimental – it’s not  sugar-happy Pop.... more like ‘Titanic’ pop songs...” 

For those of us missing the buzzed adrenaline of communal music exploration, the idea of escapism in cramped and sweaty crevices can  seem quite lifeless. If it's a sense of community you’re after then look no  further than ‘Pip Blom Backstage’.  

Streaming goodness 24/7 as a fan-centric loyalty app, ‘Pip Blom  Backstage’ gives access to exclusive news, premium content, and, a chat  box for the Pip Blom Backstage community; further cementing Pip Blom as  undeniable pals for life as fan-clips, spotify playlists and even a cooking  lesson from bassist Darek Mercks, are all made available from the VIP  lounge of your own back-pocket. 

In conclusion, there're actually thirty-five ‘Welcome Break’ pit stops a weary  traveller can make in a lifetime spent on the M1, and it’s associates. Whilst  the road’s presently a little less travelled, Pip Blom’s ‘Welcome Break’ is  adamantly nothing to do with the present state of affairs. In fact, it doesn’t  have anything to do with much at all and that’s the way they like it.  

‘Welcome Break’ is but two nouns of which when placed together in  context, ring confidently with prowess, intent, and a radiant true-spirit - much like Pip Blom herself.