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Sports Team - Plant Test Indies Black LP

Sports Team - Plant Test Indies Black LP

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Due for release 28th May 2021 via Island.

Exclusive black vinyl consisting of some live, demos and rarities!


  1. Happy [Tracking demo]
  2. Jane [LP 2, Monkton Combe]
  3. Plastic, Plastic! [Propagations Studios, Devon, March 2020]
  4. Sleeping Every Night [Home demo, 2019]
  5. The Races [Lamacq live recording, 2019]
  6. Give it a Day [Home demo, 20]
  7. Rome [Home Demo, 2019]
  8. High Brow [Westbourne recording phone]
  9. Elvis, ‘54 [Going Soft Bedroom Demo]
  10. Beverly Rose [Live at Moth Club]
  11. Back to the Point [Live at Moth Club]
  12. On My Mind [Phone recording ft. Dave McCracken]
  13. Ski Lifts [Live phone demo]
  14. Fishing [Lamacq live recording, 2019]