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Tala Vala - Modern Hysteric Dinked Edition No. 84

Tala Vala - Modern Hysteric Dinked Edition No. 84

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Released 12th February 2021 via Number Witch / Forte Distribution

  • Opaque Blue Vinyl 
  • Signed & Numbered Album Artwork Print
  • Numbered Edition Dinked Sticker
  • Just 300 copies of this gem

Tala Vala is a combination of the talents of award-winning film & TV score composer Ben Locket and John Roffe-Ridgard, producer and one half of the band Coves. They combine experimental recording methods bridging marginalised genres, synths, brass and strings, jagged guitars and primal percussion. The pair began making music in 2017 and self-released their first EP on a limited vinyl run. Enthused by the interest in the record and selling out the run, the pair set about recording a full-length album expanding on the ideas of the fist ep. The album was again performed and produced by Ben and John using mainly analogue processes, where possible utilising 24 track tape. 

Album number two began as a soundtrack project in early 2019, it was abandoned as they became disillusioned with the boundaries the film was imposing. The only remaining music from the soundtrack session is the opening cue which can be heard as the last track of what became Modern Hysteric, album two.

The new album was worked on throughout 2019 and mixed in early 2020 again sticking to mainly analogue processes, avoiding any audio plugins and computer editing. Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) guest drums on two of the tracks (Reoccurring Weather & Haxen ) bringing his instantly recognisable style to the Tala Vala sound. In addition to the string quartet and brass sections, a kora player and the manipulated voice of soprano singer, Grace Davidson can also be heard throughout the album.

All of this adds up to an absolutely sublime listen!