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Various Artists - School of Rock Soundtrack (Ltd Orange 2LP)

Various Artists - School of Rock Soundtrack (Ltd Orange 2LP)

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Due for release 15th October 2021 via Warner Music

Grammy nominated soundtrack “School of Rock: Original Soundtrack” accompanies the film of the same name.  The film stars ‘Jack Black’ playing a struggling rock star turned music teacher, teaching a class of 13-year-old musicians to play rock and roll music.  The classic rock soundtrack features artists; AC/DC, The Clash, The Doors, The Who, Black Sabbath amongst others. Most notably the soundtrack includes Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, which had previously always been denied permission to appear in films. This version will be pressed on double orange vinyl. 

  1. School of rock
  2. Your head, your mind, your brain... (vocal excerpt)
  3. Substitute
  4. Fight
  5. Touch me
  6. I pledge allegiance to the band
  7. Sunshine of your love
  8. Immigrant song
  9. Set you free
  10. Edge of seventeen
  11. Heal me, I'm heartsick
  12. Growing on me
  13. Ballrooms of mars
  14. Those who can't do... (vocal excerpt
  15. M y brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg)
  16. T.v. eye
  17. It's a long way to the top