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Collection: Record Store Day 2022 JUNE

Due to manufacturing delays at pressing plants, some titles will arrive late and will instead be available on 18th June 2022. We are anticipating some last minute changes, so please keep an eye out so you're not disappointed! We'll do our best to keep everything up to date!

  • As always releases will be sold first come, first served on the day(s) so please don't ask us to reserve anything - we really can't!
  • We open slightly earlier for RSD, at 8am. We do anticipate a queue so if there are releases you need, please get down here early!
  • 1 of each release per person
  • Our orders are based on feedback from you + our gut instincts! We always try to make sure to order plenty of the things you all want, but please keep in mind that RSD titles are limited and we do often get our orders cut back - so we may not have as many of some releases as we'd like!
  • If you can't make it on the day, any remaining releases will be on sale online the following MONDAY AT 8PM (Monday 20th June) . More on that soon!

These are all of the JUNE RELEASES. We'd suggest checking back before the day, as annoyingly, things still change right up until the day!

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