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Coldplay - Parachutes (Reissue) 140gm EcoRecord Black LP

Coldplay - Parachutes (Reissue) 140gm EcoRecord Black LP

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Due for reissue 13th September 2024 via Parlophone

140GM EcoRecord Black Vinyl LP

For the first time, Parachutes by Coldplay will be manufactured on EcoRecord. EcoRecord sounds and looks as great as a traditional vinyl record, but it’s been manufactured using 100% recyclable PET, instead of PVC. EcoRecords are also produced using injection moulding technology, with energy savings of up to 85% compared to the traditional vinyl process. Parachutes is the Grammy & Brit Award winning, 9x platinum selling debut album by Coldplay. The album was Produced by the band, Ken Nelson and one track by Chris Allison (High Speed). The album includes the singles Shiver, Yellow, Trouble and Don’t Panic. 

Side A
1.    Don’t Panic
2.    Shiver
3.    Spies
4.    Sparks
5.    Yellow

Side B
1.    Trouble
2.    Parachutes
3.    High Speed
4.    We Never Change
5.    Everything’s Not Lost