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Death Goals - A Garden of Dead Flowers

Death Goals - A Garden of Dead Flowers

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Due for release 5th May 2023 via Prosthetic Records

CD / Neon Yellow LP

Death Goals are a Chaotic-Hardcore duo from London and Hitchin consisting of guitarist/vocalist Harry Bailey (he/him) and drummer/vocalist George Milner (he/him).

After a string of singles and EP with a varying line-up, the outfit self-released their Debut Album, The Horrible and The Miserable, in June 2021, receiving praise from Revolver, Brooklyn Vegan, Sumarian Records as well as notable musicians including Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats. As a result of the reception and performance of The Horrible and The Miserable, Death Goals have signed to Prosthetic Records (Venom Prison, Leeched, Pupil Slicer, WRISTMEETRAZOR) for their upcoming albums. With their live performances being something not to miss they have previously appeared on line-ups alongside As Everything Unfolds, Pupil Slicer, Raised By Owls and more. Already set to perform The Horrible and The Miserable at Upsurge (London) and Turbulence Festival (Plymouth) in 2021, as well as a number of support shows and tours before their 2022 calendar. The band have taken the leap to record their new album, A Garden Of Dead Flowers– 11 blistering tracks of jarring, dissonant chords and pained screams that will most certainly draw the band a great deal of attention from mathcore fans. DEATH GOALS are preparing to release their first album under the Prosthetic Records banner; titled A Garden of Dead Flowers, it’s due to bloom in spring 2023. Having unapologetically pushed their way to the foreground of conversation around bands that flourished during the pandemic, the UK based duo self-released The Horrible and the Miserable in Summer 2021. The rapturous response it garnered gave them impetus to hit the road and bring their distinctively chaotic energy to clubs and bars up and down the country. In the downtime between shows, they set about writing their sophomore album - marking the first time they’d collaborated together in the same room, as their debut was crafted remotely.


1. Genderless Clones Of Gameshow Hosts
2. A Garden Of Dead Flowers
3. Ultraviolence
4. Loveless
5. P.A.N.S.Y
6. Death Goals In Cursive
7. I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead (Taking A Bullet For You)
8. If I’m The Enemy Then Who’s The Protagonist?
9. Last Night I Had A Dream About Death
10. Year Of The Guillotine
11. Faux Macho