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Record Store Day 2022 at David's Music

Celebrating the unique culture of Record Shops!

Saturday 23rd April

Owing to delays in manufacturing and shipping, there is a secondary date for some of the releases on Saturday 18th June – this is going to be a smaller affair, but there’s some excellent releases on that day. It’s annoying that it’s not all in one, but we figure it spreads the joy out a bit! The June date will function the same way as the April date – still first come, first served etc.

We have placed all of our orders, and they’re starting to arrive. We’ve really popped off this year, and got good quantities of *most* of what we ordered so we hope you’re hungry for some tasty releases!

You can find everything we've ordered for 23rd April* HERE

You can find everything we've ordered for 18th June* HERE

*Please note some releases are still being moved to the later date, please please do keep an eye on the things you want so that you're not queuing for a release that is actually due in June!

  • As always releases will be sold first come, first served on the day(s) so please don't ask us to reserve anything - we really can't!
  • We open slightly earlier for RSD, at 8am. We do anticipate a queue so if there are releases you need, please get down here early!
  • 1 of each release per person
  • Our orders are based on feedback from you + our gut instincts! We always try to make sure to order plenty of the things you all want, but please keep in mind that RSD titles are limited and we do often get our orders cut back - so we may not have as many of some releases as we'd like!
  • Releases will be sold exclusively over the counter at the shop on the day and for the following week, until the following Friday (Friday 29th April) where they’ll go on sale on our website at 8pm!
  • This year we welcome David’s Café back to the fold. Nina & Erin will be in early to sort the queue out with hot drinks and a spot of brekkie – total heroes! Give them some love if you see them at the crack of dawn next Saturday
  • Even though the pandemic is “over” (har har), we’d still really appreciate you all being conscientious – wear a mask if you’re inclined (we all do behind the counter to protect ourselves and yourselves!), give your fellow shoppers a bit of space and use the sanitiser provided.
  • What have I forgotten? There’s bound to be something…
  • If you have any questions, get in touch – we’ll do our best to answer them!

This is a hecking celebration of independent record shops, our customers and the unique culture we’re very happy to be part of! Thank you all for your support not just on Record Store Day, but year round.